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Our Camp
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Jeremy the Lead -------------- Jody the Assistant
Our Guides
Both of these young men were excellent guides and cooks their concern for our safety and the excellent meals they prepared
kept us all healthy and able to enjoy the Adventure.

Kayaks were stored on several pieces of conveniant driftwood above the high tide line

Kitchen complete with running water piped in from the stream nextdoor; three gas stoves and a large metal food storage container. The Dining Room was in the back where a couple of large driftwood logs had been shaped into benches around a central table.

Rob in the Dining Room behind the "Juice Bar"

Jody and Rob building the sauna

The Tents and the Verandah - with 220 degrees of Johnstone Strait to view, as you can see from the pictures the view of islands in the strait kept changing as the weather and the sun created different effects.

Tent row evening of Friday night

Tent row in the fog Sunday Morning

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