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The Canadian Wildlife Federation
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Our Yard

Teapot in caste concrete path by Laurie Benn

What wildlife needs to thrive
The Canadian Wildlife Federation

Our backyard


Food - with a combination of seed, nut, fruit producing trees, berry producing shrubs, grasses and flowers

  • is irrigated and is filled with many trees and bushes,
  • we are slowly renovating the front yard to bring back more plants natural to the area.
  • we believe in organic gardening and have followed the practice at this house since we moved there in 1988.
  • we help wildlife in the area by setting up feeding stations, growing bushy plants and rescuing injured animals (pigeons and garter snakes etc.).


  Water - with ponds, bird baths or water bowls
  Shelter - create safe places for wildlife to hide and/or shelter

Space - create diverse levels of vegetation

The property is currently visited by many forms of wildlife;

Porcupine on the back fence after midnight

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