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The Canadian Wildlife Federation
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picture: blooming crabapple tree
The yard is full of many levels from the trees to bushes and long grass
picture: holyhocks

picture: dwarfs in the sun

picture: Anna (dog) laying in the sun
Anna in the Sun - Summer 2002

picture of Ralph Browne's stone
Eye of the Storm, Ceramic in Concrete surrounded by thyme
by: Ralph Browne of Medicine Hat AB
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Behind the Fence on the edge of the Natural Area

picture: wild area interface in 1989
Rob and Marshall - Spring 1989
This was , the start of the natural landscaping behind the fence. The location had been used as a tip for grass clippings and other yard garbage. I used a wheel barrow and mined the good organic material for the vegitable garden and removed some motor oil soaked material. The stones had originally been set along the back fence line. Over the next few years we moved small bushes and other volunteer sprouts behind the fence line - including our youngest son's spruce tree from school.

picture: two kids on edge of the wild area

picture: backyard to wild area interface
This is the backfence line - over the years we have planted many trees and bushes that germinated in the yard. The vegitation along the fence line is now quite dense and serves many smaller animals and birds.


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food, water, shelter, space, trees, wildlife, cactus, insects,

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