Snow Sculpture
by Robert Benn

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November 2003

Original guide

picture of Laurie's hand used as a guide to the snow sculpture

Medicine Hat News Picture of Snow Sculpture

Medicine Hat News

We had several early snow falls in October/November and the temperatures remained well below freezing for a few days. These conditions created the light fluffy snow crystal needed for good snow sculptures. James (my son) helped me to fill the snow form in the evening of November 03, 2003. [The earliest sculpture yet attempted], Al our neighbor lent us his snow scoop after cleaning his driveway and we were able to fill the box [4 foot by 4 foot by 8 feet tall] in about an hour and a half.

The snow was left to sit in the form over night and most of the next day to set. When the form was removed the snow was hard like a drift but speckled with bits of grass and dirt.

After deciding to build a hand in the shape of a peace sign and dedicating it to Remembrance Day (Nov. 11 in Canada), the carving began in earnest on Wednesday evening. The basic shape of a hand was blocked out.

image of Wednesday's progress on snow sculpture by Rob Benn
click for more Wednesday evening images

The next carving was done Thursday afternoon adding more detail to the hand. All was going well when the middle finger broke off and smashed to the ground. I thought the sculpture was a write-off but then had the idea of using a snow block I had carved off earlier to 'graft' in some new snow for a finger. Because of the weakness in the connection the new middle finger needed to remain more upright than its predecessor.

picture of Rob Benn of Medicine Hat Alberta carving a snow sculpture
Click to see more pictures from Thursday afternoon and evening

Due to the problem with the middle finger the project was set off schedule and another carving session was arranged on Friday afternoon. during this session the final touches were put on the hand and the Poppy and saying "Lest We Forget" was added to the unfinished block in the front of the sculpture.

picture of Rob Benn with his finished snow sculpture
Click for more pictures of the finished sculpture "PEACE"

More as time goes on....
and the Chinook winds blow in...
it's Mother Nature's turn

Monday around noon

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