Snow Sculpture
by Robert Benn

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Snow Castle
January 2005

We had several snow falls right after Christmas and the temperatures remained well below freezing. These conditions created the light fluffy snow crystal needed for good snow sculptures. James (my son) helped me to fill an extended version of the snow form on Saturday January 8, 2005. [The largest sculpture yet attempted], We used a wheelbarrow and piled snow for about 5 hours total.

The snow was left to sit in the form overnight to set. When the form was removed the snow was hard and very white with a few blades of grass and cottoneaster berries.

After deciding to build a fantasy castle we discussed strategy and carving began in earnest about 11:00 AM Sunday January 9. The carving team of Robert and James Benn with Chance Fleck set to work.

picture of Chance Fleck carving snowpicture of Rob Benn carving snowpicture of James Benn carving snow
Chance Fleck, Rob Benn and James Benn carve snow.

Working on a simple ladder scaffold we started to shape the block - the temperature hovered around -20C
the snow block with scafoldRob, Chance and James Carve snow together
Snow flew and the Block started to take shape, Laurie Benn bundled up and came out to help make bricks on the side of the castle.
We worked well into the evening (sun sets around 4:45 PM this time of year)

This was what we could see out the front window after we quit on Sunday evening.
snow castle from the front window

The Following pictures were taken on Monday Morning

view of the snow sculpture
from the front street

NE corner

from below the east side

From the front step

detail of the east side

from the west side

Click to see what happens when the Chinook Wind Blows
and Mother Nature has her go at snow sculpture...

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