Aquariums and Vivariums
by Robert and James Benn
family fun / aquariums / snowsculpture / art work / pre+schoolers / walk MedHat / wild backyard

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Robert and James keep several aquariums here are some pictures, click on these "thumbnails" to see the series.

The Waterlilly Bloom


Severum December 2004
stay tuned for more!
come and see the tree frog in a Vivarium
Vivarium -Low-Level Tank

see the tree frog

Severums jaw tugging

Severums 2003
severum spawn thumb
Serverum's first spawn attempt
gold severum thumb
Young Gold Severum

Pleco in the 72 Gallon
gold parrot thumb
Gold Parrot
angels spawn thumb
Angels spawn

little discus thumb
Little discus

low level tank thumb
The Low Level Tank

discus thumb

72 Gallon Thumb
72 Gallon

check back for
more pictures

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