Aquariums and Vivariums
by Robert and James Benn

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Vivarium - Low Level Aquarium

Vivarium, or low-level tank
The tank features a waterfall with a fog generator located in the on the left, lots of java moss, java ferns, and crypto's, a white's tree frog and some Corydoras catfish (schwartzi surinamensis, macropterus [Sailfin] & paleatus), a White Cloud Mountain Minnow and 3 Glo-Lite Tetra's. The tank has a fortyfive gallon capacity and is equipped with 3 to 4 inches of aquarium gravel and four compact fluorescent lights on a timer. The water circulates through a Fluval canister filter from the intake on the right, to the output at the top of the waterfall on the left. The fog generator is on a random timer turning on and off during the day.

For more details click on the images below
for even more detail take the high-speed tour (recommended for DSL only)

Corydoras catfish

Detail of the tank

The Center Island

Frog in fog


Java Moss

Fog on the waterfall

Frog from above

Frog on right side

Tree frog

Frog detail

Frog on the glass

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