Aquariums and Vivariums
by Robert and James Benn

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Aquariums - Gold Severums 2003

Severum Cichlids are native to the lakes and rivers of the Amazon River Basin. They are a relatively peaceful species. They live in a tank with Ram Cichlids a Swordtail and many Corydoras Catfish. The plants in the tank range from Java Moss (the Severums love to eat) Java Ferns (Asian), Sword Plants(Amazon), and several Cryptocoryne (Asian)

The tank is 72 Gallons and has sand and gravel media in places over 4 inches deep, lighting is two, four foot fluorescent fixtures just above the surface. We use Canadian Tire Plant and Aquarium bulbs which are changed every three months (fluorescent bulbs loose power - you can't see it, but it affects plants). The tank is filtered with a Fluval 403 tank filter using no charcoal (the plants need the nutrients) and heated with a Jager 150 watt electric heater. We feed the Severum tank shrimp pellets, flake food and frozen bloodworm, we also feed live food like flies, grasshoppers and earthworms.

James' hand gives you an idea of how big our Severums are.

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