self portrait drawing - Rob Benn [pen & ink]
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Rob Benn
Robert James Benn
Medicine Hat, Alberta CANADA
pen & ink drawing of my Mom & Dad from a photograph

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Rob Benn graduated from the University of Calgary Fine Arts Department in 1980 with a four-year B.F.A. in Printmaking. He has been in many shows sometimes sharing the limelight with other artists and sometimes as a one man show. These images are in a 'thumbnail' format and can be viewed in greater detail by simply clicking over the picture of your choice. If you are interested in one of these images, or would like to find out more about Rob's custom work, please contact Rob at your earliest convenience.

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the front cover of Rob Benn's sketchbook
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painting of a bumblebee - by Rob Benn
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painting of a mountain by Rob Benn

a drawing of Grey Owl, by Rob Benn
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a strange painting by Rob Benn of Medicine Hat
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