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2006 Workshops & Projects
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University of Lethbridge - Library
Short Term Planning
December 1 & 7, 2006
Lethbridge, AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • As a visual thinker, I loved the graphics.  The process was fun, interactive, a good experience
  • Really appreciated the graphics, pacing & inclusivity.  Thanks!
  • Excellent facilitation.  Thank you for keeping everything so upbeat.
  • Well organized.  Accomplished much and made good headway.
  • Well done – Loved the graphics & yes, it helped to visualize

Master's Degree Student
Confidential Subject Matter
November 29, 2006
Calgary, AB

Live Graphic Recording

"Thanks very much for your help with this project, you are STARS!"

Sandy Strelioff


Cooking Up Good Presentations
Professional Development Session
September 16, 2006
Medicine Hat AB

How-To Workshop



Southern Alberta Rehabilitation Society
Board and Staff Group Planning Session
November 17 & 19, 2006
Lethbridge AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • Interesting + interactive way to focus many great ideas into a manageable, doable – Action Plan!
  • Kept us on track – clean Goals - Rejuvenating Experience
  • Great Visual Presentations, and Flow/ Focus of the session.
  • Fantastic Process – Great Facilitation!
  • Good work – You have left us with a plan that’s exciting and will achieve results.

IFVP Conference
Visual Practitioners Conference:
October 26 to 29, 2006
Lake Tahoe, California

Professional Development for us

An incredible opportunity to meet fellow visual practitioners and exchange ideas and knowledge

check out this years conference


Cypress Hills Inter-Provincial Park
Business Planning Meeting

October 22, 2006
Medicine Hat AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • Positive and upbeat meeting.  Well organized.
  • Good methods of getting us to participate.  Good use of time.
  • Like the “visual” approach for this workshop.
  • Great organization and presentation.
  • I see what you mean.

Waterton Park Community Association
Planning Workshop
October 13&14, 2006
Waterton AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • Excellent.  Moved along efficiently.  Great graphics.  Clear and interesting.  Excellent recaps.
  • Excellent.  Great work!
  • Very Good – Excellent.  Well Done.  Good momentum throughout.
  • Excellent.  Great process!
  • Very Good.  Like the ‘World Café’ style.

South Region Joint Planning
A Multi-Organisational Group
October 3 &4, 2006
Elkwater AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • Very good.  Process good to facilitate outcomes and expectations for next year.
  • Excellent.  The process was effective considering the size & diversity of group.  Facilitators were well informed/ knowledgeable engaging and focused.
  • Excellent.  Exceptional visual summaries.  Will certainly pass your name along.

Community Mediation Society of Southern Alberta (CMSSA)
Board Planning Session
September 30, 2006

Lethbridge AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • You helped us accomplish more in one day than I thought possible.  You kept us focused and moving forward.  Our ideas were creatively elicited.
  • This was an enjoyable exercise and suggests a promising future.
  • Presenters demonstrated superb facilitation skills, friendly, completed task of compiling information.
  • Would like to utilize your services in future.

Waterton Park Community Association
Community Input session
ptember 23, 2006
Waterton AB

Community Input Session

  • Great job, I found it good to air many ideas
  • Informative and fun
  • Very good for group – worked well!
  • Difficult group handled well!
  • Great process!
  • Neat way of illustrating ideas!  I like how you kept things simple.

Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge
Creative Group Planning
September 23, 2006
Lethbridge AB

Input Meetings

  • Very nice to have 2 people steer a room full of people and generate a plan in a relatively short period of time.
  • Great organization of evening.  Ideas flowed.  Different perspectives – culminated in ‘better’ ideas.  High energy.
  • Laurie & Rob were very successful at bringing a mixed group to a focal point where great energy and ideas came out.

Taber and District Housing Foundation
Senior Staff Planning Session:
September 16, 2006
Taber AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • Thanks a lot.  Good session.
  • Good feedback.  Shows the need for work in our organization.  Eye opener.
  • Worked very well at including all members.  Moved along through the material at a good pace.  Kept all objectives on-line.
  • Very helpful in prioritizing needs and steering in right direction.
  • Very good day.  Thank-you!

Magrath FCSS
Board and Staff Planning Session
ptember 8 &9, 2006
Magrath AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • I’ve never been to any training like this before.  I thought you guys were great.  This was very helpful and informative.  I am even more excited about the FCSS and running my program better now.  Thank-you.
  • This workshop was very helpful in our planning process for our FCSS Board.  It was exactly what we needed.  You were both very knowledgeable and personable.  Thanks!
  • Thought provoking exercise.  Motivated me to continue being involved in the community.

Board of Directors Planning Retreat

September 1, 2005
Medicine Hat AB

Graphic Strategic Planning
** Our customer since 2003 **

  • I am once again amazed by the process – allowing ideas to flow, encouraging input and recording excellently.  This is such a relief – once again we have clarity of direction & direction for our continued journey.
  • Excellent day.  As a staff member I feel that this process gave me all the information I need to move forward this year.
  • Always fun to have a retreat facilitated by you both.  You keep the flow going.

Social Development Department
City of Medicine Hat
Planning Session:
June , 2006
Dugan House, Medicine Hat AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • I enjoyed the discussions, the art and humour to the day!
  • Great day to explore and review our direction and priorities.
  • Great direction/leadership.  Great pace – momentum kept going.  Facilitated with energy and humour.
  • Positive, productive day as usual.

Nanton Town Council
Interim Planning Session:
June 12 and 13, 2006
Changing Seasons Bed and Breakfast ,
Nanton AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • Continuity is great – graphics are excellent – input from presenters excellent – keeps group focused
  • Great to have future focus nailed down to a shorter time period, really put priorities into perspective
  • Good session to bring new council members up to date and to get all of council to buy-in to the issues and get them focused
  • Thank-you for your time and efforts.  Very friendly approach

CASS, The College of Alberta School Superintendents
Planning Session
June 7 & 8, 2006
Edmonton, AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • The visual organizers were extremely helpful and the workshop pacing was excellent.
  • I appreciate the visuals.  Different touch and a good way to focus.  Both presenters are very competent, not too directing.  The group was able to make their own decisions.
  • Great focus, flexibility and fun.  Got the job done with a good balance of task, thought and relationship building.
  • Great opportunity to focus on our direction.  Allowed for dialogue to move us forward.

Community Learning Network -Zone 7
Regional Planning Session
May 29, 2006
Lethbridge Community College , Lethbridge, AB

Organizational Planning Workshop


ACACA Provincial Show
Jury and Critique Art Show

May 25 & 26, 2006
Red Deer, AB

Artist Services

MedAlta infomural

Medicine Hat Clay District
Tourist Map / Information Mural

April & May, 2006
Information Murals

Cardston Zone Show ACACA 2006

ACACA Southern Zone Show
Jury and Critique Art Show

May 12 & 13, 2006
Tanner Centre, Cardston, AB

Artist Services

Laurie Benn draws

Leduc County FCSS
Regional Planning Session
May 04, 2006
Nisku Inn , Nisku AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

  • Loved (facilitators), dynamic, knowledgeable. 
  • Colorful visual charts catch your attention. 
  • Keeps you interested I felt that this went very well. 
  • How you were able to get our ideas out. It helped to “see” the issues
  • Awesome! Great way to brainstorm & stay on track! Results & progress are visible.
  • Really liked the process!
Rob Benn Draws

ASBOA Annual Conference
Beyond Words Workshop

May 02 , 2006
Raddison Inn, Calgary AB

Instructional Workshop
** Our customer since 2004 **

icon of police

Front Line Emergency Worker Training Program
for working with IDU

Training Materials and Workshop Development

February and March, 2006
Northhill Inn, Red Deer, AB

Visual Presentations
Custom Documents

Rob Benn leads a World Cafe

Alberta Immigrant Service Organizations

Small Centres Conference

March 28 to 30, 2006
Lethbridge Lodge , Lethbridge AB

Live Graphic Recording
Input Sessions and Focus Groups


Brooks Youth Leadership Program
Participant and Elder Input session
March 26, 2006
MHC Brooks Campus,
Brooks, AB

Input Sessions and Focus Groups

MaxWell Team Realty

MaxWell Team Realty
Business Team Planning Session
March , 2006

Medicine Hat AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

Town of Magrath sign

Town of Magrath
Council Business Plan Building Session
March 04, 2006
Magrath Golf Course Facility,
Magrath AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

Regency Irrigation Store

Regency Irrigation
Calgary Alberta

Development of a Company Estimate Form

Part of Graphic

Taber and District Housing Foundation
PCA Team

Staff Input Session
February , 2006

Input Sessions and Focus Groups


Town of Magrath
Council Planning Session
January 20 and 21, 2006
Magrath Golf Course Facility, Magrath AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

The Kilmorey Lodge in Waterton Park

Mounties to Mountains
Economic Regional Initiative

Visioning/Planning Workshop
January 13 and 14, 2006
Kilmorey Lodge, Waterton AB

Organizational Planning Workshop

Elkwater Lodge in snow

Medicine Hat Real Estate Board
Cooperative Ltd

Visioning/Planning Workshop
January 10 and 11, 2006

Elkwater Lodge, Elkwater AB

Organizational Planning Workshop


Medicine Hat Folk Music Club

Visioning/Planning Workshop
January 07, 2006

Organizational Planning Workshop
** Our customer since 2005**

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