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Magrath Alberta

Council Planning Session
January 20 and 21, 2006

Magrath Golf Clubhouse, Magrath Alberta

Magrath Alberta Info-mural

Overview Graphic (above)

Facilitators using a large, colorful ‘info-mural’ they had prepared in advance, presented a brief overview of highlights of the Town of Magrath.  The graphic depicted the Council and Key Staff up in a balloon looking down over their community with a view of the horizon and surrounding area.  As well as key information such as population, tax base, weather and location, the graphic included such highlights as:

  1. Government Services
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Neighbors
  4. Volunteers
  5. Community Services
  6. Businesses


Group at work

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Evaluations (8/9 returned)

Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the facilitation of this planning retreat.

     Not satisfied:  0     Okay:  0     Very Good:  3    Exceeded my Expectations:  5


  • Very positive experience for our Council – with a plan we can take action.
  • Well done – Again!
  • Opened my eyes to larger view!  Brought forth tools, to better serve.
  • Your presentation is a good combination of words and symbols.  I think that your presentation will actually make a big difference for our council.  Thank you.
  • A good learning process.
  • Very good visual illustrations.  Easy to follow and understand.
  • I enjoyed the presentation and I believe it gave us the tools to help us with leading the Town of Magrath into the future.
  • Enjoy being kept focused and the visuals!



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