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SPEC Association for Children and Families
Staff Input Session

Brooks, Alberta

October 26, 2009
Planning and Visual Thinking Processes

  • The visuals provided a better understanding regarding the issues associated with the SPEC organization.  I have learned a tremendous amount from this seminar about where the organization is presently and where it would like to be in the future.
  • Made us think outside of the box.
  • This exercise was very valuable in bringing out ideas from all staff.  Great Work!
  • When you’re a visual learner, this facilitated meeting is excellent.  It kept me intrigued and on target for discussion.
  • This training/organization-building exercise was great. Things moved quickly and I left feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society
Board and Senior Staff Planning Retreat
Lethbridge, Alberta

October 24, 2009
Planning and Visual Thinking Processes

Evaluation using the Medicine Wheel;

  • Spiritual: pride from being able to view our work! – pictorially view our organization and how far we’ve come – learning – consensus on implementation.
  • Intellectual: group brainstorming – agenda flow – increase knowledge of the organization and direction – group interaction, teamwork with group.
  • Physical: visual connection – visuals will assist in future development – visuals worked well – artwork tied ideas and thoughts together.
  • Emotional: humorous – laughter – building relationships – bonding -  everyone got a chance to share

Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education
Board Planning Retreat

Medicine Hat Alberta

October 19 and 20, 2009
Planning and Deep Dive Processes

  • We had a lot of material to work through.  Rob & Laurie did an excellent job of finding a process that took us to the essential pieces.
  • I love the way you turn our thoughts into works of art.  Well facilitated!  Thought provoking.  Structured process to turn our plans into action.
  • I was very impressed with how quickly they were able to collect and structure our information and focus our discussions.
  • Excellent workshop, unique and constructive format.Kept us focused.  Good to have an outsider’s viewpoint & input when needed.
chart by Rob and Laurie Benn

virtual (on the phone) workshop:
maestro month
"The World Cafe; conversational leadership in action"
with David Issacs

October 16, 2009
virtual workshop recording / reflection graphic

chart by Rob and Laurie Benn

Corporate Customer
financial sector, marketing department
Edmonton, Alberta

October 2009
Live Graphic Recording and World Cafe Facilitation

groups working
Peter Pan Poster cut

Firehall Theatre
Peter Pan Poster

September 2009
poster design

group working

Taber and District Housing Foundation
Taber Alberta

September 2009
A visually facilitated day with Senior Staff to discuss and plan for their work together over the next year and beyond.

  • Always good interaction & keeping everyone on track!  Thank-you.
  • Good job – cut to the chase for getting a list of what we need completed and when.
  • Very knowledgeable and helpful in sorting out priorities and keeping us focused.
  • Very helpful in helping to understand some of the areas that need to be looked at.
  • Lots of great ideas.  Great feedback.  Solutions workable.
  • Was nice to refresh previous retreat. Thanks again.
group at work with charts in background

Family Centre

retreated to Mountainview Alberta

September 2009
A visually facilitated day with Board and Staff to discuss and focus on the Family Centre's future.

  • It was a great workshop, the graphics made it interesting. You did a great job in keeping us organized and focused. Thank-you
  • You did a great job of moving us forward. It is also great that you have the background on our organization.
  • Great re-capping, paraphrasing of comments -  kept group on schedule J and focused – Thanks for moving the group positively focused and setting ground rules at the beginning.
  • A whole lot of information for one day.
  • Very well done! You both made it very appealing visually and full of energy. You made things easier to understand and made me want participate. Love your work.
group at work

Grande Prairie Public School District #2357

August 21, 2009
A visually facilitated day focused on developing creative ideas to make School District Programs more sustainable.

  • Excellent and innovative facilitation of difficult areas and topics.
  • Well balanced and guided presentation.
  • The graphics contributed greatly to sustaining attention and keeping to the task.  A lot was accomplished today.
  • Appreciated the facilitators’ talents in capturing our discussion.  Input from staff.
  • Things moved along, participation was encouraged and listened to.
  • Generated an excellent level of participation.  Graphics do make an impact to help us visualize what happened.
  • Exactly what we wanted!! Group discussion was excellent and facilitation great.  Thanks.

Youth in Action Society
Medicine Hat, Alberta

International Youth Day, August 12, 2009
Overview Mural
Visually Facilitated Group Processes

Melanie, Laurie and Rob Benn in Montreal Aug 2009

International Forum of Visual Practitioners
14th Annual Conference
Montreal Quebec Canada

Robert is re-elected for a second two year term as President

Tob Benn, President of IFVP, opens the conference
floor plan

Taber and District Housing Foundation
Taber, Alberta
Lodge Handbook updates

July 2009
handbook edits and graphic floorplan

handbook cover

part of a chart by Robert and Laurie Benn


Grasslands Public Schools
Brooks Alberta
Action Plan Mural
June - July


chart by Laurie and Rob Benn
group at work

Youth Action Society
Youth Action Committee

Medicine Hat, Alberta

World Youth Day Planning Session
June 17
, 2009

  • Very interesting and very easy to understand because of images.
  • Loved the drawings
  • I liked the way no one’s opinion was ignored.
  • Awesome use of pictures and that seems to really help the youth see and understand the discussion.
  • Did very well and a lot of good points were brought up and visualized well.
  • I think Rob should talk more.  And you both need to try and take more control over a bunch of kids.  GREAT ILLUSTRATIONS!!
  • You guys were truly amazing.  The art was amazing and your way to deal with us was AWESOME!!!

Ashton's Place
Brooks, Alberta

Board and Youth Planning Meeting
June 13, 2009

  • Very Good.  It was wicked you were all open minded and creative.  Hope to get together for a few more of these.
  • Very Good.  I was surprised how we all have the same goals for Ashton’s Place.
  • Excellent.  We made very good progress!  It was a very good brain boost exploring what can happen and how!
  • Excellent.  Lots of useful information and very organized.  Loved your diagrams and your way of acknowledging everything that (we?) had to say.
  • Excellent.  Um, no – everything was great.
  • Excellent.  Delighted to get youth and older people… so exciting
  • Excellent.  Charismatic- easy to bounce ideas off.  Knowledgeable.  Made us aware of and comfortable with future endeavours we will encounter.
  • Excellent.  It was great to “see” our ideas laid out clearly – giving us a tangible game plan for action.
  • Excellent.  It was great to hear all the voices and get to see how a common foundation already existed.  It helps us to move forward.
group working

Volunteer Resource Centre
Brooks Alberta

Public Input Meeting and
Board Planning Meeting
June 12
, 2009

  • Excellent.  Took us to the priority actions – just what was needed.
  • The visualization really helps to clarify issues and successes.
  • Absolutely love how you facilitate your work.
  • Good process – looking forward to the ‘re-vitalized’ VRC
  • Clarifies a lot of things.
  • I love you!  You have really inspired and put into focus the future direction of the VRC.  I hope that our paths will cross again and please put me on your workshop list.
  • The overall presentation was absolutely fabulous and the art was AMAZING!!!!
  • Very useful and productive.  Thank you.
group working

Medicine Hat School District #76
Cypress Hills Resort, Saskatchewan

Board &Administration 'Advance'
May 21, 2009

  • Excellent modeling of Instructional Intelligence.
  • As a visual learner, I found the graphics to be very beneficial in tying the little pieces together to make a bigger picture.  The artistic approach also kept my attention – without being distracted.
  • Thank-you so much for helping us work through this task.  The day flew by and we are not exhausted.  Great visuals!
  • Excellent facilitation!  The visual representation of the group input provides a take away with potential for increasing the momentum generated.
  • It was a very nice process which followed our work with Barrie Bennett very closely.  The concept map really helped to pull everything we’ve been doing together.
  • Outstanding day!  Thanks so much!  You achieved in collaborative and creative ways our objectives!
sqiggle people
Office of the Public Guardian
Medicine Hat, Alberta
Facilitation Services
April 21, 2009
Rob Benn tells the story of the Chart

Community Coming Together Project
MH Catholic Board of Education

Medicine Hat
Medicine Hat, Alberta
May 05
, 2009

  • Thanks for keeping us on task and capturing all.  Morning sped quickly.
  • Good facilitation – kept process moving and ensured input from participants.
  • Enjoyed the interaction and sharing ideas.  Triggered more thoughts and ideas.
  • Fabulous meeting.  So excited to see where we will go from here.
  • Fantastic presentation and very useful and relevant activities.
  • Positive, respective atmosphere to collaborate/share ideas.
  • I like how it went from broad visioning to specific action steps.
Rob Benn touchs up the chart

Community Partnership Enhancement Project
Medicine Hat, Alberta

Networking Cafe
April 29
, 2009

Evaluation Summary






The objective of the event was achieved?






I would rate the usefulness of this event as?






The facilitation team was?






the report

Hiv/Aids Society of Southeastern Alberta

Medicine Hat, Alberta

Organizational Review

March, 2009

the report

Saamis Immigration Services
Medicine Hat, Alberta

Educational Materials review

March, 2009

group working with Laurie Benn

Grasslands Regional FCSS
Brooks, Alberta

Overview sketch and Planning Meeting

March 11, 2009

  • Great format for presentation – Noel Moriyama, Councilor, City of Brooks
  • This took us where we needed to go very seamlessly – Thank you – Lynn Pye-Matheson ED Grasslands FCSS
  • Enjoyed the Presentation!!! Heather Davis, Grasslands FCSS Board
  • Well organized – focused agenda, Thank-you! Glenda Goudie,Grasslands FCSS Board
  • All the information that we had has been pulled together for this organization – It is great. Jeannette Zahn,Grasslands FCSS Board
  • I thought it was great!! Easy to understand. Interactive. NOT Boring. Great Job! Sasha Weatherby, Administrative Assistant, Grasslands FCSS
  • Well presented, good handle on the subject, had good participation of the Board – Jack W. Harbinson, Deputy Reeve, County of Newell
  • It was a good session. Not boring. Very good. Look forward to the next one! Carol Charlton, Grasslands FCSS Board
intorduction of the session

Grasslands Public Schools
Brooks, Alberta

Overview Mural, Input Meetings
(Students, Teachers, Administrators, Parents and Public)
and Board Planning, February 23 & 24
, 2009

  • An excellent process.  Loved getting input from all stakeholders.  We came away with some excellent stuff!!  You are both very personable.  Only thing I struggled with (and only a bit) were the ‘values cards’ – I think there are more values that were missed as we only focused on the cards.
  • I would have liked to have been able to attend all the meetings.  Thank-you for making it so interesting.
  • This was a very worthwhile experience.  Rob and Laurie were excellent facilitators and were able to gather diverse opinions, complex ideas, and opinions from many people and then consolidate them in a manageable form.  Thank you!
team at work

Social Sector Planning Team
Family and Community Services Authority, 3 School Boards and Health
Medicine Hat, Alberta

Planning meetings and Visual Mapping

November 26, 2008 and January 27, 2009

  • Thanks for getting us on our way!
  • Wow – navigating the chaos – Thank you!  Loved the processes.  Great hope for the future.
  • I loved the visuals, the colors, the soft approach to facilitation – taking pictures of the new ideas.  The day was like juicy fruit for the brain! J
  • Great as usual!!  The process really works.
  • Excellent work facilitating a very complex process!  Thank you!!
  • Helpful to get the big picture.  Well facilitated.  Great questions to promote discussion.
  • Good process.  Worked well with the size of the group.  Concrete Next Steps helpful.
  • I appreciated the consensus building and visual representations.
  • Lots of energy generated and organized.  We seem to have a way forward.  Thank you.
LHA Logo

Lethbridge Housing
Lethbridge, Alberta

Business Plan and Position Descriptions

January through August 2009

business plan


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